Financial Impact image collage (2021).

Internet visuals picked up by “financial impact” search according to Google’s algorithm in 2021.

Tryptich Image Loop (2021)

An real-time, infinite and non-deterministic loop showing unique triplets of images based on a custom algorithm. The words and images are selected unbiased by the algorithm.

Installation: computer algorithm, web server, browser, Internet connection, projection or screen. Dutch and English.

Samples below are random, unedited samples of the generated triplets.

Russia Croatia (2018)

The movie Russia Croatia is constructed from a series of photographs taken during on 7 July 2018 in Berlin. On that day Russia and Croatia played against each other in the Quarter Finale for the European Championship Football 2018.

Powertools music video (2016).

The music video for the Powertools song “A1” is constructed from a series of more than thousand photographs and videos taken between 2010 and 2016.

Office fish (2016).